Our core purpose is to become leaders in visionary, sustainable and inclusive/ responsible Wealth Creation in Africa.

about us

Olibul investments ltd is a visionary and purposeful Zambian growth-oriented Company based in North-Western province of Zambia. Olibul Investments ltd operates a large scale state of the Art multi-

Sand products Quarry in North Western province; and also undertakes multi-Disciplinary Engineering and other Project works in support of the Government Building & Road Construction sector and International Mining and Construction Industries.

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Olibul Investments ltd is committed to conducting all our business activities in an environmentally
responsible manner and we are also committed to the good health and safety of our valued staff and
customers. In all our projects, we clear the top soil, use the underlying sand and stone aggregates, and
then restore the topsoil and fully rehabilitate the land, where possible near to it’s original state.


Olibul Investments ltd undertakes all its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) micro-projects in a participatory manner mainly supporting the Education sector, Health sector and micro & SME Business Development

Initiatives. These micro-projects are jointly identified with and implemented in partnership with the communities in whose localities we operate-in to guarantee project ownership and sustainability, after our exit.

solwezi site operation

Olibul Investments ltd Production washed sand facilities are located along the T5 Highway (Solwezi-Mwinilunga Road) in Lumwana east area of Solwezi district near Mukumbi turn-off

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Key-Products/ Services/ Benefits offered

Environmentally-Conscious Extraction, Production/ Processing and Timely Delivery of Quality assured Construction Aggregates and Industrial Process Materials;

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Pricing and Quality Assurance

Competitively Priced and Quality-assured Construction Aggregates produced near
the client’s work site (target – around 100km) with our mobile production plants,
resulting in significant cost savings due to lowered product distribution costs.

Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Project Services

Our multi-disciplinary team includes construction supervision, commissioning leads, quality assurance engineers and design engineers to deliver project services,

Heavy and Light Earth Moving Project Equipment Hire Services

The advantage of renting from Olibul investment Ltd is that you can easily find the right equipment and then give it back when the work is done with no big capital investment.

4x4 Vehicle Hire Service

Personalised service, diversity, efficiency and reliable vehicles


Some of our past works

Variety is the spice of life and of your upcoming project. Different customers have different needs when it comes to crushed stones and sands 

If you hope to enjoy as successful of a project as possible, you need to have the ability to select the materials that are right for your specific needs.